Power Stations Exhibition

Photo courtesy Murderme Collection\The John Hoyland Estate


(Paintings 1964–1982)

8 October, 2015 – 10 April, 2016

This show marked the opening of Newport Street Gallery in Lambeth, south London, a major new space which is free to the public.

The paintings were all drawn from Damien Hirst’s art collection – known as the Murderme Collection – and span a particularly important period in Hoyland’s career when he was starting to make a name for himself with his first solo museum show at the Whitechapel Gallery (1967). It also covered the time from the mid-1960s to the early 1970s when Hoyland was first engaging with the New York art scene. Curated by Hirst, the exhibition took the viewer from the vast colour-field works of the 1960s, through the textured surfaces of the 1970s to the more spatially complex paintings of the early 1980s.

It was the first major exhibition of Hoyland’s work since his death in 2011.


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Newport Street Gallery, Newport Street, London SE11 6AJ